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0.5kg 1kg 2kgs 3kgs diving lead weight for diving use

Product Description

0.5kg 1kg 2kgs 3kgs diving lead weight for diving use

Specifications: 1kg ,0.5kg 2kgs 3kgs etc. Suitable for 5cm wide weight belt Surface coated with smooth and soft, easy to wear and protect wetsuit This product is used for diving weight gain, both scuba diving and free diving can be used, the inside is environmentally friendly lead material, the outside is encapsulated, which can prevent seawater corrosion and prevent trace metal damage to the human body, colorful choices, the rubber surface is smooth and soft, Easy to put on weight belt. Suggestions for using diving weights Equipped diving 1. Diving with equipment: when wearing a diving suit and carrying an oxygen cylinder, you can use your own One tenth of body weight is used as a diving weight (For example: weight 100 kg, weight about 10 kg) 2. Free diving for technical diving: diving without equipment, you can choose a weight of about 2-3 kg 3. Generally, take the air of BCD clean and keep normal continuous breathing. The eye and the horizontal plane are basically parallel, which means that the counterweight is just right. 4. In order to offset the buoyancy generated by the gas consumption of the gas cylinder, under the premise that the counterweight is just right, add 1-5 kg of counterweight as the accurate counterweight for deep diving. 5. It is recommended to choose a variety of specifications to facilitate weight adjustment.


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