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4CFM 1/4HP Air Condition Refrigerant Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Bag Perfusion


Mini Portable Air Vacuum Pump 220V 180W Air Condition Rotary Vane Single Stage For Carbon Fiber Fabric Lamination


1 anti return oil design

The intake channel is specially designed to prevent the pump oil back reflux after the pump is stopped and the pump and pipe can be polluted.

The oil tank is treated by the partition, and the oil and gas separation device is set up on the exhaust port, and no oil spray is used and the oil mist pollution is reduced.

3 aluminum alloy motor shell

The motor uses aluminum alloy shell and has high cooling efficiency. It can ensure continuous normal operation for a long time and have good appearance quality.

4 holistic design

The motor and pump are designed as a overall, which is more compact and reasonable.

5 big starting moment

This product for low temperature and low voltage for special design, ensure the ambient temperature in winter is low (-5 = C) and low voltage (more than 180V) under normal starting.

6 use the foot of the shock resistant rubber machine to reduce the noise of the vibration.


1 before use, please remove the exhaust cap (the new oil and gas separator has no exhaust cap), then check the oil level, 

2 take the intake cap, connect the pump, the pipe is short, the seal is reliable, no leakage phenomenon;

3 plug the power plug, open the switch to use;

4 after the use of the end, remove the power plug, remove the connection pipe, cover the intake cap, exhaust cap.








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