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Carp Fishing Round rig ring fishing tackle accessories


Carp Fishing Round rig ring fishing tackle accessories


2.0mm,3.1mm,3.7mm,4.4mm or 5.3mm size available


carp fishing terminal tackle Round Rig Rings
silky smooth Teflon coating 
Good for hinge rigs and tying D rigged hooks

Whether being used to mount baits on a D-Rig, slide on a hook shank, use on hinge rigs or as a small and strong link between different lines, these strong rings are ultra reliable and an absolute 'must have' in any well stocked tackle box. Invaluable.
Seamless for good knot strength.
Anti Glare finish for stealthy presentation.
Anti Rust and Good strong - they will never let you down at a critical moment




Carp Fishing Round rig ring fishing tackle accessories


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