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Cut resistant uhmwpe sailcloth fabric for sailboat


UHMWPE cut resistant fabric 

Product Description


  • Raw material UHMWPE fiber: high molecular weight,high degree of orientation and high crystallization.its tenacity is 15 times over steel and 10 times over normal chemical fiber.Besides,it' also low density,high modulus,UV resistance,corrosion resistance,outstanding anti-impact and anti-incision. it's high strength fibers among carbon, aramid fibers.
  • Applications of UHMWPE fiber:  widely used in national defense equipment and special civil application,such as producing tank,armored car,bulletproof plate,bulletproof helmet,bulletproofjacket, cut-resistance jacket,cut-resistant gloves and fabric, ropes for seaport, naval vessel,dragline for deep-seadrilling oil and natural gas.trawling net,net cage against deep-sea winds and waves,sports equipment and construcion projects.



Weight 80gsm,120gsm,170gsm,190gsm,220gsm 250gsm,290gsm UHMWPE cut resistant fabric
Width 1m-2m,can be customized




UHMWPE cloth usually used to make stab-proof clothes, cut-resistant clothes, cut-resistant gloves, reinforcing materials for various composites such as surfing boards, boat, ski boards, cut resistant bags, Building reinforcement etc. if you are a specialist you may develop many other uses for composites by using this UHMWPE fiber woven.

Now many buyers use it as lining to make the sports pants clothes for protective. since UHMWPE fabric is excellent abrasion wear resistant. this performance is much better than carbon and aramid.

3440cut resistance fabric3425




Packaging & Shipping



Package Detail: Packaging can be made according to your request 

Delivery Detail:  It dependent on the quantity of your order. Normally 7-20 days after order confirmed  



We will choose the most suitable express if your time is urgent or goods not so heavy

We will ship goods by sea of by air if goods are heavy and deliver time is enough

We will ship goods to your warehouse if you have your own freight company 

Our Services


a. OEM are welcome.

b. 24hours online.

c. one month quality warranty.

d. samples are available

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Jinhu Jeely Sport Products Co.,Ltd was established on the basis of Uhmwpe rope and fabric,and then expand to outdoor sport dedicated to satisfy our customers with religious honesty and continuous innovation at all time.


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