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UHMWPE bulletproof aramid fabric

Product Description

UHMWPE bulletproof aramid fabric

Our bulletproof UD sheet is made of aramid fiber. The raw material is consisted of two unidirectional arranged fiber webs which overlapped by 90 degrees each other and laminated with special matrix materials by certain technology. And the outward appearance is yellow textile fiber thin slice.
Characteristics of Aramid Fiber:

High tensile strength: be approx. 3 times of steel and 4 times of high tenacity polyester fiber.

High modulus: 4 - 10 times of polyester fiber and more than 10 times of PA fiber.

High temperature resistance: the high tensile strength still be kept under high temperature, e.g. at the temperature of 260°c, more than 65% of original tensile strength remains.

Low density, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and excellent non-conductivity.etc


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