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SUP Board inflatable pump stand up paddle board

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-16      Origin: Site


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Why choose ours inflatable surfboard ?

* Advanced Dropstitch technology, While ensuring the strength and flexibility, it reduces the weight of the product.

 * Strong load-bearing capacity and ultra thick design enhance stability

 * High quality PVC material and V-drop stitch core makes sup sturdy and durable. The paddle board will not be damaged even if it hits the reef under the water.

 * Non-slip deck, Even if wet by water, the anti-slip performance is still excellent.

 * Floating paddle and safety leash. If you accidentally slip off the paddle board, the foot leash can connect you and the paddle

   board to prevent the paddle board from being lost and the floating paddle will not sink into the water.

   if you have anyother requests plesae feel free contact us.

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