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We can also provide all kinds of customized products, if any requests, please feel free contact us. Your satisfaction is our ultimate target.As a leading manufacturer of High strength and high modulus polyethylene products in China,Jeely devotes itself to this specialized fields since the beginning of 2012.During past years,we developed many welcomed products to suit customer’s requirements, regular products are uhmwpe rope,webbing,fabric,panel,helmet and vest.


We can customize the brands for customers to satisfy local market.


We have relevant certificate for each kind of series products to evidence the strength.


We have various cooperation payment term to guarantee the each customer funds in safety.


We have sufficient stock and strong team work to ensure the product quality and after sell service.


In a word if you choose us,we are the lifelong friend not only the business patener.
MSDS10 MSDS9 MSDS8 MSDS7 MSDS6 MSDS5 MSDS4 MSDS3 MSDS2 MSDS1 IIIA防弹布 130-04 130-3 130-2 130-1 160-5 160-4 160-3 160-2 160-1 5 4 3 2 1 检测证书-6 检测证书-5 检测证书-4 检测证书-3 检测证书-2 检测证书-1 ISO2-2 ISO1-1
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