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Jinhu Jeely Sport Products Co.,Ltd was established on the basis of Uhmwpe rope and fabric,and then expand to outdoor sport dedicated to satisfy our customers with religious honesty and continuous innovation at all time.
As a leading manufacturer of textile and sport products in China,Jeely devote itself to this specialized fields since the beginning of 2012.During past years,we developed many welcomed products to suit customer’s requirements, regular products are Spectra/ UHMWPE/Carbon/Aramid rope/fabric and composite material,spearfishing,diving and kitesurfing products,etc.To satisfy our customer and meet the market furthest,we keep on improving our quality &technology by our best. As the rooted principle of Jeely,honesty reputation is much more significant than the business.We regard our customer's trust as the most precious deposits.
Jeely have been making cooperation with many famous companies and have enough experience to deal with bulk orders.Such as:JIG STAR,BROXXLINE,OLIVE,TAA,QUCIKDRAW OUTDOORS,METEL Corporation,TOPWELL FABRIC CO.,LTD ETC.
We can also provide all kinds of customized products,if any requests,please feel free contact us.


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    +86 138-5235-2792