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Braided High Strength Uhmwpe Marine Rope For Knitting

uhmwpe hollow braid rope
uhmwpe core with uhmwpe jacket rope
uhmwpe core with polyester jacket rope
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Product Feature
* Options:
* 1)UHMWPE fiber core with outer 16/24/32 weave polyester or UHMWPE fiber jacket
*  Used for wishborn line
* 2)UHMWPE fiber naked hollow braid rope
* Used for reel line and shot line
* Option1) tangle and abrasion resistant and stiffness
* Option2) slight soft and cheaper,no reel memory
* Strength: 100-870kg
* Diameter: 1- 3mm
* Strands for jacket version option 1) :16/24/32 strands
* Strands for option2):4/6/8/12/16 strands
* Colours: green,yellow,orange,white,black,bark blue
* We can customize any kind of UHMWPE fiber speargun line including diameter ,colours ,length etc for our customers
* Sample order available
* Lengths and diameter according to clients requirements
* We can produce by other materials such as polyester,nylon and ete.
* We can do stitched for you.


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